Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Updated Cross Section and Map

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So I've cleared up my cross sections a bit, given the sections slightly more interconnectedness, and added two more levels: the Lowers Caverns and the Tubes (originally called "the pipeline")

The Lower Caverns: Here will be the first true Cthulhuiod entity in the dungeon. I'm not sure what it will be yet, but I'll sure be scrounging over Supplement 5: Carcosa when I get there. 

The Tubes: The tubes are a huge mess of robotic tunnels, built just below the Lower Caverns,  stretching out and encircling the entire planet. Robots, ray gun, a gate or some other form of transportation to a space station of some kind and the prehistoric and previously unheard of planet, "Earth," populated by cave men in the middle of an ice age.

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Thanks to Finarvyn/Marv and others on the ODD boards, I was about to get my first level map cleaned up a bit to the point where it's now readable by my youthful eyes. 

If everything goes well today, I should have more map scans up tomorrow.

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