Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Updates on Dungeon Level 1

I haven't gotten to work on my new dungeon as much as I would like. Yesterday morning was spent studying for midterms (the whole double major in four years is a bit of a pain due to summer classes) and finishing up  editing Dragons at Twilight. With those out of my hair, all I have to worry about is finishing up memorizing lines for our production of As You Like It, learning the keyboard part for 7 songs in the show, and finalizing/cementing the fight choreography with the rest of the actors. Should leave plenty of time for dungeon-writing, right?

Regardless of time constraints, I've made some good progress. The first dungeon level is mapped, nearly keyed, wandering monster tables written, and parts of the second level have begun falling into place.

The theme I've gone for in the first level is a number of different sentient monsters competing for control of the dungeon complex. Mole Men, Berserkers,  Dwarves, and a small battalion of stunted (read, dwarven) skeletons.

I ended up going with a clan of berserkers as the ones inhabiting the abandoned lair of the Snake-Men cult. The insane dwarves will be part of 3, and the Lizard Men who believe themselves to be the oldest ancestors of the Snake Men have been pushed down to level 2. The berserekers are scared to death of the temple self, but the chieftain has insisted on the location due to its defensible position. Mutiny is not entirely unlikely.

One thing that I'm noticing is that I need more treasure on the first level. I've still got some empty rooms to work with (but I like empty rooms), but need to double the contents of the nearby treasure troves. Level 2 is going to be about three times larger, so I'm not worried about having this problem in the future. Likely, I'll end up going back through and increasing the treasures thus far collected by the berserkers and inserting some gems to the eye statues and the like. Although, I do need another good Saturday Night Special for this level. Hopefully it will involve loads of treasure.

I'll finished up level 1 tomorrow and hopefully get to work on the second level, too.

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