Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vats of Mazerin Map

[Click on the map to zoom in.]

It's a bit hard to read in places, but here the map of the first level of my megadungon, The Vats of Mazarin Level 1, that goes with the dungeon key I posted yesterday.

The scan didn't turn out as would have hopped, but it's readable for the most part. In coming weeks, hopefully these scans will continue to become clearer as some goes on.

- Doors with an "S" inside them are stuck.
- The Door with an X crossing it out is broken in.
- The tiny room to the left of 1A is room 17.
- Words in the upper right hand corner read "New Construction"

If anything else seems confusion, post in the comments and I'd be more than happy to clarify.


  1. This is not the right place but...
    where are we with the Fight On! table contest ?
    Have I missed something ?

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  3. All of the judge's rankings have come in now. Calathina is now working out the final results. You should find out any day now.