Thursday, August 4, 2011

Opening night went well. First night nothing major didn't go wrong, so that's certainly a plus. The guys whose playing both a puppet and stilted giant wrestler (in the same scene no less) finally got his stilts on in time. Everything went over all right.

In other news, I finally finished keying the Second and Sub-Level of the Vats of Mazarin, a long overdue task. Total room count: 155. Not too bad.

By the way, if you've read the key for level, you're still welcome to play in the future Google+ game. I've still got plenty of tricks up my sleeve and, honestly, level 1 doesn't give much away (nor do the cross section and level descriptions).

Hopefully I'll get the first or second section of The Shaft done today. At that point I'll have my bases covered and should be able to start actually running some adventuring expeditions in the new megadungeon.

What I need now, is a name for the complex as a whole. Any suggestions?

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