Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sir Rolland de Gwyn and the Lance of the Unending Joust

As you may have figured out, I have an obsession with major NPCs doing very strange things to attain immortality.

One of those NPCs is Sir Rolland de Gwyn (a Lawful champion) or, as he is more commonly known, Knight of the Unending Joust. This knight, dressed in shining mail (plate mail +2), travels the land in a search of knights and unweary adventurers to challenge. For he carries with him the Lance of the Unending Joust, the secret to his youth. Even the oldest tavern-goes cannot remember the day before the Knight of the Unending Joust road the plains of Avalon.

His third squire, Lurit II, travels with him always. He is the grandson of Lurit I, the Knight's first squire--from a time when he was but a mortal man. Rumor has it that Sir Rolland now seeks another worthy squire to take Lurit's place when the squire is knighted in the court of Efflur.

Lance of the Unending Joust
This 13” wooden lance is tipped with closed fist made of a bright, cast-steel. The Lance of the Unending Joust acts as a lance +1, +3 vs. fighting-men. For every joust the user win, he does not age the following year. What the common, contender does not know, however, is that for every time the user is unseated himself, he immediately ages one year. Thus a knight of unmatched skill may achieve immortality with the Lance of the Unending Joust, but an unworthy squire will likely meet an early end.


  1. Great idea with the lance. I might even take it in the other direction in that the lance is cursed and the wielder is cursed to live forever or that the lance steals the year until he finds a better. The lance won't let him through a joust and the year he steals is added to however long the wielder has to live.

  2. Great ideas, Wymarc. I'm definitely going to add that into my notes.