Friday, July 1, 2011

New Magic Item: The Moon Cloak

Here's a new magic item I thought up today when getting groceries for dinner. What vindaloo curry has to do with either moons or cloak, I have no idea, but it was apparently nonetheless inspiring.

Moon Cloak
This magical navy cloak is a boon to magicians and thieves alike. It is fastened with a silver clasp enchanted to appear as the silhouette of the moon in the night’s sky—changing shape with each of its phases. The magic imbued by the cloak likewise changes with the phases of the moon.

Full Moon: During the full moon, the wearer is able to see in total darkness as the brightest moonlight.

Waxing Moon: If the wearer dies as as the moon waxes there is a 10% chance per level of the wearer that he will be reincarnated, as per the spell, within 1d6 hours.

New Moon: During the New Moon the cloak and anything within it, such as a man-like creature or similar sized object is wreathed in an invisibility enchantment.

Waning Moon: As the moon wanes the wearer may assume the form of a beautiful young woman (if wearer is female) or an elderly, bearded man (if male) after speaking the command word, metamorphone lunarium, and retains the form until the cloak is removed. It is always the visage of one of two identical figures, no matter who wears the moon cloak. In any city or large town, there is a 5% chance that wearer will be persecuted for the crimes a previous owner of the cloak once committed.

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  1. Love the cloak. I think the idea of magic items that vary in power based on other variables is something that is not used enough. I owe that love to the map in the Hobbit I think.