Monday, February 4, 2013

12 Goblin Gadgets

1. STEAM-POWERED CORK SCREW – Multi-purpose tool for aged wine and tonsured heads.
2. U-SHAPED Electro Magnet – Mounted, U-shaped turret that’s great for those pesky armored warriors.
3. ROCKET BOOTS – 1 in 6 chance per turn to crash into a wall.
4. SEGWAY – The newest in dungeon-safe chariots.
5. COFFEE-MAKER – Orcs will pay handsomely for freshly brewed rage-muck.
6. FLAME THROWER – 3d6 fire damage to all within 15’ cone; explodes on natural one.
7. STEAM-POWERED GRAPPLING HOOK – Hauls up to 3000 GP in weight.
8. ROBOTIC POODLE – 2HD, 1d6 bite; barks, yips, and enjoys its metallic tummy rubbed.
9. JACK-HAMMER – Hard hat and yellow caution tape included.
10. GYROCOPTER – 2 seats plus 600 GP storage. 1 in 6 chance per turn to crash into a wall.
11. MODDLE TRAIN SET – Goblins love their strange collections of odds and ends.
12. FAN TURRET – Redirects arrows; 1 in 6 chance to blow away magic-users.


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