Monday, July 25, 2011

Vats of Mazarin - Level 1 Key

I'll post a map once I have access to a scanner. Rehearsals and house work have prevented me from getting to the library lately. Actually, I might be able to scan right before rehearsal. We'll see.

With reguards to keying rooms, I've decided to go with a very minimalist format of 1 line of text per room. As you will see, I sometimes failed in that respect, but not often where unnecessary. 72 room, a wandering monster chart, and room at the bottom for notes on two pages isn't too wordy in my book.

For now, I've mostly stuck to B/X monsters. Mole Men are reskined kobolds, my white apes have four arms and likewise 4 attacks per round, and I've been reworking the AD&D water weird for my own purposes (e.i. making it extremely deadly).

Anyway, here's the Link for the Key. Enjoy.

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