Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vats if Mazarin - Session #1

Medium: Google+ Hangouts
System: B/X D&D
  • Brother Hoyle, cleric 1 of Turia, goddess of luck, fortune, and coincidence (Matt)
  • Samuel Axelord, fighter 1 (Jake)
  • Abbador, magic-user 1 (Will/Coffee)
  • Isac, thief 1 (Anthony)
  • Groffer, dwarf 1 (also Anthony)
  • Aleta, cleric 1 of Francesca , goddess of love, marriage, and wealth 1 ( also Jake; poor Jake)

For the first session, I thought we'd begin with a good, old fashioned dungeon delve. Brother Hoyle, an acolyte of Turnia, the "Lady Luck," has discovered some religious documents related to an abandoned complex known as the Vats of Mazarin.

Thus the company made it west from Tytheron, a small mining village, through the jungles of Avalion to the Vats of Mazarin. The first things the party noticed was that opening to the complex spewed steam and there was some sort of metal spike protruding from the mountain, about 200 ft upwards and slightly off to the left of the opening.

In their journey, the group discovered a rivalry between the Mole Men and Berserkers in the severance; a humanoid beetle; a cursed fountain filled with treasure and sculpted in form of Zenith, god of the stars and planets; a four-armed white ape chained to the back wall of a room with descending stairs; an iron bucket filled with blueish acid and a book titled Gates to Azeron in a broom closet turned bedroom, which may have been recently or is currently being used by some denizen of the megadungeon.

We only went through a handfull rooms, 11 to be exact, but the group managed to accumulate a total of 5178 experience points, a sack filled with  600 gold coins, an unidentified potion (purple), an unidentified magic ring (silver), and a few pieces of jewelry, including a diamond studded monocle now worn by Groffer.

Isac the theif was gored through by a humanoid fire beetle (simulaneous combat resulted in Samuel also running the beetle through with his pole arm). Samuel Axelord then met his end  - although after he and Groffer freed the white ape from captivity - in a battle with three berserkers. Finally, after getting a little too greedy, Aleta's skin was pulled into and her skin dissolved by the cursed fountain, resulting in her death.

All three bodies are now piled outside the megadungeon complex.


  1. My only question is this:

    "When do we get to play again?"

  2. I'm planning on hosting sessions both Monday and Tuesday next week. Here's what I'm thinking:

    Monday at 10PM Eastern Time/1PM Tokyo Time

    Tuesday at 3PM Eastern Time/6AM Tokyo Time

  3. I'm eager to continue as well...

    The 10PM EST time is ideal for me -- after work and the kiddies are all in bed.

    3PM EST on Tuesday wouldn't work for me. I'll be at work then. Actually, I could do EST afternoons on Wed, Sat or Sun.


  4. "All three bodies are now piled outside the megadungeon complex."

    ...where they are probably attracting wandering beasties.

    Maybe we should do something about this next session :-)

  5. Thought of another question:

    Could someone who made a map last night scan that and post it? I was getting a bit lost toward the end there.