Monday, August 15, 2011

Vats of Mazarin - Session #2

Medium: Google+ Hangouts
System: B/X D&D

  • Brother Hoyle, cleric 2 (Matt) - now level 3
  • Abbador, magic-user 1 (Will/Coffee) - now level 2
  • Murd, fighter 1 (Abbador's retainer)
  • Groffer, dwarf 1 (Anthony)
  • Owsy, thief 1 (Jake) - now level 2
  • Vera, halfling 1 (Gabrielle)
  • Xawatlem, [not quite sure on his class or level], Anthony

The session began with a short interfiled in town (when I once again gain the use of technology, I'll start working more on the world outside the Vats) were twine and 2 chickens where purchased; the purple potion was identified as a potion of invisibility; and Abbador hired Murd as a retainer (fighter 1).

In the Vats, the group encountered many of the Mole Men's traps, later making allies with them in exchange for routing out the barbarians. Two Mole Men, Lits and Poden, accompanied the group on the expodition along with a number of magical glass vials that expel various gasses (explosive, magical darkness, pyrotechnics, laughing gas, etc). Among other things, the party learned that there are 5 generations of Mole Men, Lits and Poden being among the Fifths. Only 2 "Firsts" are known to exist, Old Tolgen, who died in a mining accident, and a legendary other (identity unknown). Apparently, the Mole Men refer to the creator of the complex as the Master -who may or may not be Mazarin - (and who only the firsts had met), and work to sustain and refurbish his creation.

With the help of the canisters, 6 of which remain, the party expelled the barbarians, killing 10, giving 4 as captives to the Mole Men, and the 6 of harem women were wooed by Abbador. During the battle, Groffer met his end to a fireball expelled from one of the canisters exploding in too small a room - Owsy was only saved by hiding in the flat of an arch just outside the room.  Handing over the new Barbarian chief, Gandin, who had recently mutinied again the previous war leader, Oolog - whose body the party found just outside the cave entrance to the Vats - created a permanent alliance with the Mole Men. The Mole Men were likewise exited to find out what would happen if they stuck a human man inside the "Vats" in the level below, which piked the party's interest.

In the end, the party came out with 799 GP, 800 CP, 116 SP, a sack of jewels taken off the barbarian harem, a caldron lined with alchemical runes (which was being used by the barbarians to cook the flesh of Mole Men and other denizens of the vats for dinner), a green unidentified potion, an unidentified magic sword, 1 pink gem, a silver gem, and a gold-plated orb - which the barbarians stole from a statue elsewhere in the complex.


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