Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing with Hexographer: A New Map and a Brief Key

I was playing around with Hexographer yesterday and created this new map. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, so I'll go ahead and post it here.

Brief Map Key:

Glyndwr: A walled city and kingdom of 3,000.

Cayr Pavill: A fortified castle and kingdom of 2,700.

Cayr Efflur: A small kingdom of 2,400 centralized in a fortified castle.

Camelot: A small forest village of 300, generally forgotten by the three major kingdoms.

Sulis: A farming village of 500, in constant contest between Glyndwr and Cayr Pavill.

Ruined Monastery: The ruins of a Monastery dedicated St. Gaxyg the Grey. (See FO! issue 1 for the adventure by James Maliszewski)

Tower of the Drowned Jinx: The ancient tower, once the estate of the suicidal queen of Mandragora.

Malchester Keep: Once part of the Kingdom of Efflur, no controlled by a band of ogres.

Tower of a Thousand Faces: A many faced tower located in the center of the deadlands.

Darking Wood: The eery forest separating the world of Men from the faerie realm.

Midmere Forest: The northern, less creepily-inhabited forest.

Mardrake Marsh: Once the mighty kingdom of Mandragora, now writhing, goblin-infested swamp. (pretty much stoled from this blog)

Wintertops: The domain of a small kingdom of frost giants. (name stolen from the Dwimmermount campaign map)


  1. Wow. The Tower of A Thousand Faces jumped out immediately. Don't know I've never thought of that. I'm picturing a tower covered with realistic looking stone faces whose eyes pop open as the party comes to it's base and all begin howling and wialing in a hideous and deafening manner. If this doesn't scare the group away, several faces speak to them one at a time, with one face being the leader, warning them not to enter lest "You share our fate..." but if they insist, they must answer a riddle whose answer is not on words but in realizing they must place a jewel in the mouth of a particular face, maybe that of a fair maiden or a dwarf. For further horror, there could be a face of an adventurer of family member known to the party or party member. Thanks--I will have some fun with this one!

  2. That's brilliant JB. I guess we'll be stealing from each other. :)

  3. Cool stuff. I used the idea in a spur of the minute game session I ran with my kids and their friend, I related it in a post at my blog, check it when you have time!