Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Humanoids of B2

So I'm reconsidering messing with B2 all that much. The caves are difficult enough already; I don't think I need to add more rooms to the complex. Furthermore, I enjoyed scottsz's idea of having the caves be more of a temporary barracks than any sort of permanent living space. Instead, I think it's more beneficial to think of relationships between the caves and make each of the different humanoid types more distinct.

These are my first thoughts on the subject, suggestions welcome.

The Priests of Evil Chaos: The Caves of Chaos are built atop one of the many nods of power spread throughout the land. The anti-clerics have gathered here as a minor base of operations and have riled many of the nearby humanoid tribes to their cause, including an ogre and a minotaur (the original inhabitant, but they decided to leave him be). They are engaged in some sort of holy war, attempting to restore the power of now-fallen Ptolian Empire in the name of their demonic lord. Due to the all the infighting, between tribes, the priests of evil chaos have started reconsidering their shaky alliances with the human tribes and have instead begun creating an army of undead soldiers to take their place.

The Kobolds: The kobolds have joined the priests of evil chaos (who will hopefully be renamed in the near future) in order to find safety in numbers. Little did they know how much infighting would occur. Regardless, they're here now, just trying to be forgotten and left alone.

The Goblins: Like the rest of the humanoids of the caves, the goblin tribe was offered a nice sum of gold to come and preside there under the command of the anti-clerics. Being too weak to accomplish much on their own, they accepted and are now plotting to make off with the treasures of the orc tribe and escape the clerical authority. (They have yet to realize there is more than one tribe of orcs present.)

The Orcs: The two tribes of orcs have a great deal of rivalry between them. While they avoid outright war, they compete with each other to slay the greatest number of goblins and hobgoblins to instill their dominance.

The Hobgoblins: While scattered tribes, hobgoblins on a whole dream of empirical might. They are the only tribe that is truly backing the clerics cause--and even then they are considering supplanting them. Within the Caves of Chaos, the hobgoblins act as a cruel judicial authority between the different tribes--trying to keep them from fighting amongst each other and planning their empire-to-be. They have two ally tribes on the outside awaiting their command.

The Bugbears: While ruthless mercenaries in their own right, the bugbears think the whole thing is a joke. They're here to play their own brutal practical jokes on the other tribes. That, and to split puny human skulls, of course, while making some easy coin while at it.

The Gnoll: The gnolls just like killing, and laughing maniacally while doing so. All they need are a couple of spears and a direction to frolic, and a plethora of blood is soon to be on its way.

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