Saturday, July 17, 2010

Passions in Swashbuckler!

I've nearly gotten Swashbuckler pieced together. I have all of the mechanical concepts worked out, now just to fill in the blanks and make sure that other human beings can understand what I'm trying to express. Because of that, posting it going to be a bit light over the weekend--so expect only one post tomorrow. I guess I'll leave you with something interesting though.

A character’s passions define his or her goals and ambitions. The seven basic swashbuckling motivations are Freedom, Honor, Power, Revenge, Romance, Status, and Wealth. Passions are more specific than these, however. Examples: Revenge on Marquis Dupree, Find True Love, Get Married to Prince Viktor, Buy Back the Family Farm, Find My Long-Lost Father, and so on.

Whenever a character a character is actively persuading one or more of his passions, he temporarily adds 1 to his dueling and skill dice. When a passion is achieved, a character’s total dueling dice predominately increases by 1. This is the only way to permanently raise a character's dueling dice.

This means that between Fortes and Passions a character can increase his dueling dice (or skill) by a total of 2.

Next time, I will talk about skills and the two methods of resolving challenges.

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