Friday, July 16, 2010

Fortes in Swashbuckler!

The character creation section for Swashbuckler! has been coming together quite nicely. You seen my posts on Design Goals and Dueling Dice, now check out Fortes. As with dueling dice, keep in mind that what I show you in these previews may be tweaked slightly or complete rethought by the time I release playtest rules.

My goal with fortes is to allow players to customize what their is good at other than passions and skills and to give different characters situations in which they will shine.

Fortes award a bonus skill or dueling die in specific, relevant situations. A character may only use a single forte at any given time. There are four main types of fortes, which are detailed below. Characters begin player with four fortes, one of each type.

Trait: Some fortes award a bonus die when actively expressing character defining personally traits. Examples: Loyal to the Crown, Greedy, Honorable, Masked Identity, Chaste, Always In and Out of Love.

Location/Situation: Some fortes award a bonus die in particular situations or places. Examples: Taverns & Inns, Drunk, Aboard Ships, Mounted, Under the Orders of a Superior.

Opposition: Some fortes award a bonus die against preferred foes. Examples: vs. Guards, vs. Enemies of the Crown, vs. Pirates, vs. One’s Nemesis.

Tool or Weapon: Some fortes award a bonus die when using a specific weapon or tool. Examples: Rapier, Cutlass, Saber, Silken Goods, Lockpicks, My Father’s Horses.

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  1. Good stuff Ian, I like the fortes and duelling dice ideas - keep at it!