Sunday, July 11, 2010

Swashbuckler! Design Goals

A couple of days ago when I announced I was working on a Swashbuckling rpg, I recieved a comment from OdRook:

A swashbuckling rpg? Color me intrigued. I'm frequently looking for something that will convey the stylistic delights of the genre without bogging down in unnecessarily-complex rules that turn every duel and every exchange of insults into an hours-long dicefest.

So, do keep us updated, please. Combining elements of game design from older and newer styles could be just the thing.

He has a point: just about every swashbuckling game is filled with complex fencing rules and, often, character are not rewarded by acting within the confines of the genre. Not I know Savage Worlds has a swashbuckling source book, but Savage World isn't really my system of choice. Edges and Hindrances just aren't my thing.

Swashbuckler! has 2 main design goals:

1) Fencing sequences should be both colorful and complex in addition to taking less than 15 minutes, real time, to play out.

2) Swashbucklers should be rewarded for acting according the genre. Honor and Romance, in additional to jumping off chandeliers, will play a prominent roll in the game.

I'm not ready to start releasing too much information at this point, but I will do my best to provide you readers with a weekly update.

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