Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Village Situations

Your players and wandering around and find a small village in the wilderness. You have no idea what's there, so what do you do? Roll a repeating d4 and roll that many d20s on the table below:

1. Slavers – Hiding out in or taking villagers. Selling them for dark rituals? A baron preparing for war? Want to take PCs as crème of the crop slaves?

2. Missing Peasant – Lost in the forest? Turned into a goat? Ran off to join heretic religion? Best wine maker kidnapped by another group of adventures?

3. Tax Day – 20% Tax on the PCs? Villages can’t pay? Treasure waiting to be ambushed?

4. Obscure, Incoherent Laws – Illegal to wear the color red on Thursday? All grown men required to carry a sword?

5. Problematic Laws of Customs – All visitors must be married off to local concubines? Naming any part of the body considered is a terrible insult?

6. PCs Framed for Crime They May or May Not Have Committed – Murder? Adultery? Goat napping?

7. Wandering Duelist – And will travel about the land called craven of anyone who declines his challenge?

8. Small-Time Tournament – Rigged for local baron’s son? Best knight in the last shows up because he was born in the village? Obscure radish-based games?

9. Recant Position – Tries to make PCs fill it. Local priest? Mule Boy?

10. Cursed Livestock – Shrunken swine? Ever-sweating cows? Prone to spontaneous combustion?

11. Passage of Rite Ceremony – And the PCs are somehow involved. They might even have to design some sort of heroic challenge.

12. Inhuman Ruler – Demonic or otherwise.

13. Traveling Poet or Adoring Fan And the PCs are their next target.

14. Terrorist – Drunk pyromaniac? Salted fields? Poisoned well?

15. Exotic Farming – Poisonous fruits? Humans growing on trees? Domesticated legendary beasts?

16. Recent Arrivals – Cultic missionaries? Band of fey? Actors looking for a replacement?

17. Completing Merchants – And it just got ugly. Offer to pay PCs to spy or sabotage opponent(s)?

18. Extreme Weather – Drought? Blizzard? Magical firestorms?

19. Unusual Guild or Organization – Pipe Cleaners Guild? Prophet’s Guild? Up and Coming Heroes Association? The Blackguard Nannys?

20. Something’s Just Not Right – And no one can manage to put their finger on it.

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