Monday, February 20, 2012

d12 Science Fantasy Elements

Roll a repeating d4 to see how many major science fantasy sits are in the campaign world. Roll a repeating d4 for the number of elements are at each sight. Roll that many d12s on the table below.

1. Space Aliens – Otherworldly travelers that rely on technology rather than magic. Here on accident?

2. Crashed Spacecraft – How long ago did it crash? What do the commons think it is?

3. Mutating Radiation – How did it get there? What has it done to the terrain and wildlife around it?

4. Cyborg – Where did they get those biotic arms? What happens if it malfunctions?

5. Laser/Phaser Gun – Big damage at the risk of friendly fire and exploding in your face
6. Otherwordly Gates – Think stargate. Enough said.

7. Cthulhuoid Monster – Bonus points for not ripping off Lovecraft.

8. Time Travelers – What time did they come from? Why did they come here? Accident? What was their original purpose?

9. Ancient Technology – Who made it? Who’s using it now?

10. Clockwork Beast – Clever players will scavenge these for parts. Let them – that’s the treasure they carry.

11. Cyber Mage – Who says magic and technology can’t be synthesized?

12. Miscellaneous  Shrapnel – Random sci-fi bits and scattered about. Not just scrap metal, but a Holo-message or pile of dead aliens?

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  1. My trade-off for big laser or sci-fi guns is generally limited uses, impossible to recharge (because where are you going to get more ammo or batteries?) rather than a possibility of blowing up in your face.

    I also sometimes treat them more like spells or dragon breath: save for half damage rather than roll to hit.