Friday, February 3, 2012

Agrivaina, Session 1

Micheal: Father Jack, cleric
Sarah: Rhubarb the Ravenous, fighting-woman
Eeri: Radimir, Carcosian fighting-man
Will: Abaddor, magic-user

Father Jack the Drunk, Rhubarb the Ravenous, Radimir the Antichirst, and Abaddor the Mutator sailed to Agrivaina in search of adventure and riches. After scouring the Flying Anvil Tavern, the group ahead off to see the foppish Lord Burndi in order to retrieve his heart's desire, a lovely Irish red head with the mouth of a sailor (who is Lord Michoil's hearts desires) from the depths of Lorae Forest.

Drunk in the tavern, the conquerors of the Lorae highwaymen boasted stories of enchanted mirrors and the womannapping sorcerers who escaped death by turning himself into a fish; of sparely haired midgets sporting stakes and hammer pulling bags filled with potion ingredient behind them; of the Denarii and Thesian Bull relic won in their parade that may have once been kept at the ruins of Valak'Tul. Perhaps these treasure are what the archaeologically minded Pharaoh has been excavating for.

Rumor has it that Lord Burndi and new Irish bride travel to the Bishop of Caliae in order to finalize preparations for the wedding festivities.

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  1. If you still have spots open in this G+ game I'd love to give it a try. I'm new to playing OD&D but I know the rules well and I learn fast. I couldn't find you on G+ sorry about the comments!

    you can respond to me at amirtouray at gee mail dot com