Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Seats of power deep with the depths of dungeons often undue more than a status symbol. More likely than not, it is the throne that makes the man, not the other way around as on the surface world.

1-6 Skeletal: Undead sitting upon this throne regain hit points at a rate of 1 per turn. Living creatures will instead be grabbed and bound by skeletal arms, having their life force sucked away, recharging the skeletal throne.

7-10 Fraudulent Wealth: Used by popper kings of the past, sitting upon this gold throne imbues the illusion of extreme wealth. All those who look on the user will see him as lavishly decorated with the finest clothing and jewels. The illusion lasts only 1 turn after standing from the throne.

11-17 Longevity: Nothing ages while sitting upon this throne.

18-23 Throne of the Bass: Decorated with aquatic symbols and sculptures, allows anyone sitting on the throne to breath underwater for 1-6 days. For every subsequent use, requires a save vs. spells or the throne’s effect will become permanent and user no longer able to breathe oxygen.

24-30 Diminutive: A tiny throne for a very small king. If a command word is spoken, the throne will grow to normal size. When the throne returns to normal, thing upon the thrown will shrink as well.

31-35 Clockwork: When the command word it spoken, the clockwork throne will transform into either battle robot or some sort of escape vehicle.

36-43 Demonic Summoning: Speak a minute long incantation to summon a demonic force. 50% chance the incantation is written in eldritch symbols on the arms of the chair.

44-49 Incense: Emits a slow stream of magical incense into the air when sat upon. Roll for magical incense.

50-55 Throne of a Thousand Faces: A thousand screaming faces decorate this iron throne. Sitting allows the user to see all invisible or incorporeal creatures as well as being able to speak to the spirits of fallen corpses.

56-61 Jeweled: This crystalline throne is incredibly valuable. When the user is threatened, the jeweled throne will grow to incase him, shielding the user from danger – at least temporarily. When the danger is subdued, the jeweled throne will return to normal.

62-65 Dungeon Master’s Seat: Will show the user the current state of any imagined room within the dungeon complex. 50% chance that the throne will also allow the Dungeon Master to modify the shape and properties of the dungeon from this chair.

66-70 Winter’s Grasp: Any who sit upon this throne take 2d6 points of damage, but whose touch may freeze any touched object for 1-6 turns. Deals 1d10 point of damage to touched creatures.

71-78 Transforming: Transforms the use unto a specific type of creatures (randomly determined). Unless a save vs. spells is made, the effect is permanent.

78-85 Command: Creatures must save verses spells in order to disobey a command from anyone sitting upon this throne. Requires a shared language.

86-91 Divine Light: Gives off a luminescent glow out to 30’ (color dependent on the user’s alignment). All nearby creatures of the user’s alignment act as though they are under the effect of a bless spells.

92-96 Teleporting: As per a teleportater door. 30% chance to be a chained teleporter. Functions only when command world is spoken.

97-100 Alien Intellect: Anyone sitting on this throne is able to read any language. Magic-users preparing spells on this throne do so in half the time and may memorize one additional spell of each spell level the magic-user can cast. 10% chance to drive the user insane.


  1. lol, this is funny I have thrones in my notes but hadn't gotten to fleshing anything out.

    I'm adding this to my dungeon stocking table if yuo don't mind.

  2. Go for it.

    I've been meaning to to something like this for a while, so it's nice that we can help each other out.

  3. @Ian, would you be interested in having content from this chart and the doorways chart appear in a published compilation?

  4. That sounds like a great idea. When were you thinking of compiling these charts. I have a couple more I was planning writing up this evening.

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