Saturday, March 24, 2012

Agrivaina Session 6

I ran two games of Agrivaina last night. No one has given me a write up and there are some details I believe Skull Lord Uggs would like to keep under wraps for the moment. Basically, there's what happened, though.

  • After gathering 5 halfling goat-rider, a roguish knight, and a ballista to their cause, Xawatlem, Sven, Samson Jones, Eggs, Ba Chim set off to slay the infamous Dragonhound, which turned out to be giant, possessed 22HD ferret with a clan of dire wolves. Only the halflings and the knight were slain.
  • On the way back,  Sven and his new giraffe mount, assaulted the knight's keep and reclaimed it in the name of Skull Lord Uggs.
  • After a day's rest,  Xawatlem returned to the Dragonhound's cave with  Sven, Ba Chim, and [Duke's elf character]. There uncovered a secret underground lair within and unknowingly set a Roman-hating, undead legion upon the land.

In the aftermath, Lord Uggs and Alexander of Wessex have declared war on each other over who is the more suitable lord and are looking for additional FLAILSNAILS PC to join their causes. 

Sven has been dubbed, by the great Skull Lord, 'Arch Doom Duke,' the second in command the of the Skull Lord's new, spiffy castle.

Samson Jones, on the other hand, is assumbling a "crack team" of "unhinged religious zealots" to fight said demonic legion. He is probably looking for allies as well.

Finally, Xawatlem has declared himself 'Wookie Pope' and is seeking legitimacy for his new title. In the mean time, he is using his resurrection spell to raise a order of "Born-Again Knights" as to thwart Samson for getting all the glory.

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  1. Firstly: _Sir_ Alexander

    Secondly, Sir Manning declared war because Uggs was bringing him wine at Castle Manning and now the latter has moved out into Skull-Mountain, forcing Sir Manning to fetch his own refreshments.

    This is unscrupulous and intolerable.

    Because Uggs is now technically a lord with holdings I can't just go and beate him with stikkes, we need to have our peasants do war upon one another instead. Like true nobles. And his are probably undead, but whatever.

    Also we will probably still be hanging out at the Blue Rabbit during the proceedings, sharing tales and gathering support.

    Loser forfeits his lands to the winner and must serve wine to his new liege? That sounds like a thing.