Saturday, March 3, 2012

Agrivaina Session 4 Recap

[As told by Balan the Fighter]

The most important thing to remember is that the three of us accomplished our goal of retrieving a chest of fine glass lenses from a group of Italian Highwaymen and earning the reward for it's return.

Better not to dwell on how I, Balan the Fighter - bearded, mohawked and alternately eyepatched - caused a twenty foot fireball due to my poor understanding of combustible magickal liquids. While it was determined to be "Awesome", it was only my sturdy constitution which saved me from death. That and our stalwart Cleric to whom I am deeply indebted. Alas, our halfling friend was not so lucky and was burned alive. His body was fed to his spider-goat, according to his will.

Best not to mention how said halfling, prior to his death and for reasons still not clearly understood, managed to immolate his own henchman.

I would prefer not to talk about my second brush with death at the hands of a trio of stab-happy 0-level humans. It's a shame I'll not live down any time soon.

It should be mentioned that, through no fault of our own, a purple portal to a jungle is now open at the base of a lovely treehouse, immediately adjacent to a large barrel of delicious, life-giving whiskey. It is rumoured that on the other side lays one of the deadliest dungeons in all worlds. I simply cannot wait to step through and see what tries to kill me next.

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