Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2 ConstantCon Reports: Vats of Mazarin + Neoclassical Geek Revival

I finally got a chance to play both play in and run a ConstantCon game last night. First up was Zzarchov's Neoclassical Geek Revival game, where we explored a ancient pre-egyptian ruin somewhere in Ireland. I was a bit out of the loop as to what was going on, not having participated in the game since September, but has an enjoyable time none the less.

Highlight included Darith (my 4th level fighter) jumping into a zombie horde and having said horde almost immediately dispelled by the party's cleric, another cleric first converting to the worship of Spartacus only have be later possessed by a demonic fox spirit, said possessed cleric slipping from a rope and falling atop Darith while battling another horde or zombies, Darith and the a biritsh swashbuckler diving into a small tunnel filling with some sort of novocaine-like substance, swashbuckler slowly turning into a troll after being revived from his stupor by a mysterious potion, and burning down a demonic tree spirit with lantern oil. All in all, a fun game despite having no idea what was going on for most of it.

For Vats of Mazarin, I only had three players show up last night: Taures the chaotic clown, Abaddor the magic-user, and a newly minted cleric of a first time ConstantCon player. Rather than continuing to explore the second level, the group instead took to the abandoned temples below the barbarian in-dungeon-stronghold (previously though to contain a labyrinth of catacombs). I could tell my DMing skill were a bit rusty last night, using the word tarnish incorrectly three time during the night and cause much confusion amongst the players, not diminished by two of their deaths. This to be expected, however, and hopefully I'll be back on my game next week.

Accomplishments of the party include hiring an explosives expert, piecing together a sphinx-shaped prison of a albino worm demon, mutating a rust monsters so that it webbed itself to a dungeon wall (promptly to be burned by flaming oil), finding some sort of post-apololyptic service tunnel deep in the earth inhabited by a tribe of neanderthalish apes, the cleric being shocked by electrical wires and thus falling from a rope to his death, Abaddor once again dying (this time to the alpha-male ape lord), and the discovery of a giant glowing gem the size of a human head. The gem has yet to be recovered, instead having been left its metal base within the ape caves.

After the adventure, Abaddor was raised from the dead with adventure netting a total of 35 gold coins (after paying the High Priest of Kenith his due). On a more positive note, Taures has now reached fourth level.

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