Monday, November 28, 2011

More D&D, Less Artsy Fartsy

The biggest problem I see with my previous post is the fact that I'll have to many new players. I'd almost feel bad not giving them the traditional D&D experience and instead sending them out into a unforgiving, nihilistic world. So here's some more thoughts, although in a different direction: pretty traditional, in not goofy Holmes Basic moving to AD&D.

Characters are Treasure Hunters. Greedy dwarves, elvish sprites, and cunning gnomes are in. Hobbits/halflings are out. Lighthearted, even silly tone with a focus on getting the gold/having a good time over in-character roleplaying.

AD&D Spells for MUs. The more variety here the better. Eldritch Weirdness action for NPCs.

Focus on Dungeon Delving. Roman-esque ruins and sprawling cave systems. Traps, running gags, mounds of treasure. Sacrificial chamber's leading into elegant manners, Some deep, if amusing, history. Not too much urban/wilderness action. 

Traditional D&D Monsters, but little/still no Tolkien. Kobolds, minotaurs, oozes, lizard men, bugbears are in. Orcs, treants, Tolkien stuff is out. Some Cthulhu but no robots.

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