Monday, November 28, 2011

Less Tolkien more Howard, Vance, Lovecraft

A couple days off for Thanksgiving and a week till finals. Time for blogging is sure getting short around here. Anyway, I'm thinking of ways to pulpify AD&D. More Howard, Vance, Borrows, Lovecraft and less Tolkien.

Here's what I'm have in mind so far:

- Roll 3d6 in order for abilities.
- No demihumans.
- Choose between Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic alignments
- Ranger can be of any alignment. No order of rangers shit; they're profession giant hunters.
- Use more slimes, insects, mummies, & FF monsters and fewer orcs, goblins, werewolves.
- Gods are creepy lovecraftian blobs (chaotic) or robotic AIs (lawful).


  1. Couple ideas:
    - replace typical north american forests with jungle/desert/wasteland.
    - replace horse as common mount with giant ants, thoats or whatever craziness you dream up.

    I'd drop rangers altogether; they're more or less specifically there to emulate Tolkien.

  2. 3d6 in order and no demihumans = awesome.