Monday, November 14, 2011


Going along with JDJavris' random dungeon dressing tables (there's more, too), I present: Doorways.

Doorways (roll 1d100)
1-6 Sliding Bookshelf: Pull on specific book to open doorway. Will remain open for 1-4 turns before closing.

7-11 Stone Mouth: Enter through the month of a stone face. 2 in 6 chance the mouth will close. Characters attempting to jump back through the mouth must save vs. paralysis or take 3d6 points of damage as it closes on top of them. Mouth will reopen 1-6 days later.

12-19 Hidden by Tapestry: Usually something symbolic of what’s in the passages to come. 20% chance to combine with Murals table.

20-26 Teleporter: Leads somewhere else in the dungeon. 10% of teleporters will lead to a different plane/world/planet/elsewhere. 10% chance there is no back-teleporter on the other side.

26-29 Chained Teleporter: A teleporter with many possible exists. Most will allow the user to choose which destination based on sight. 10% will spit the user out at a random doorway.

30 False Teleporter: Doorway appears to lead to another plane/world/planet/elsewhere, but it’s just an illusion and the characters pop out in the passage on the other side.

31-39 Alarm: Will set of some sort of alarm when crossed, usually a bell, gong, or magical wiz.

40-43 False Passageway: There’s only an illusion of a passage on the other side.

44-46 Dispelling: Anything that crosses this doorway acts as if it has had dispel magical cast upon it.

47-50 Magic Veil: Appears as a shimmery black liquid surface, but it’s usually just there for style. 20% chance to combine with another result.

51-53 Huge Mouth: Leads into what looks like a wet, sticky, blubbery, airy chamber. In reality, it leads into the mouth of a huge beast. Astute characters (Wis 16+) will realize the passage is breathing.

54-59 Wardrobe: Wardrobe has no backing and leads into a passage beyond. 10% wardrobe is also a teleporter.

59-66 Selective: Only characters  of a certain 1-2) race, 3-4) class, 5-6) alignment may cross.

67-71 Reverser: While believing themselves to be moving onward, the doorway has really just leads back to itself, causing the character to unknowingly turn back the way they’re came.

72-74 Delusion: Intelligence creatures crossing this door believe themselves to be under the effects of some powerful magic. 80% magic-user spell/20% clerical.

75-79 Force Field: Can see what’s on the other side, but there’s no getting through without the use of magic.  

80 Collapsing: 2 in 6 chance to collapse when entered. Creatures must have versus paralysis or take 3d6 points of damage.

81-85 Illusory Doorway: Illusion makes this doorway appear like it’s just another part of the wall. 10% chance to combine with another result.

86-90 Chained Beast: There is some sort of beast chained to the doorway, usually slightly tougher than what is appropriate for that level of the dungeon. Make sure the party doesn’t see it coming or has some sort of missile weapon or a long tongue.

91-96 Fireplace: This fireplace has no back. Normally when the fire is out it is safe to cross through. 20% chance to combine with Fireplace table.

96-98 Magic Glow: All magic items that cross the doorway will glow a brilliant aqua with the strength of a torch. Used by dungeon dwellers to pick out choice targets – either for safety or loot.

99-100 Anti –Gravity: Creatures and objects that cross this door will feel the opposite effects from gravity until the doorways is once again crossed.

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