Wednesday, March 23, 2011

B/X/C Vikings: Classes

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B/X/C Viking: Introduction

Characters can be Dwarves, Fighters, Half-Giants, Mages, Thieves, Skalds, and Wizards. Characters may not advance past 14th level.

Dwarves – No infravision. After reaching 9th level, dwarves may forge magical arms and armor as a magic-user.

Fighters – There are several special combat maneuvers that can only be used by fighters, such as going berserk and shield bashing.

Mages and Wizards – There are two types of magic-users: wizened old Wizards, knowledgeable but weakened with age and powerful, arrogant Mages. The first is represented by the magic-user class. The second by the “elf” class, only without infravision, additional languages, immunity to the paralyzing touch of ghouls, and have the normal chance to find secret doors.

Skalds – Skalds are warrior-poets and collectors of Nordic lore. Sitting around the firesides, Skalds inspire their comrades with tales of honor in battle, the glories of victory, and the hardships of loss. (This class is based on the Bard is JB’s B/X Companion.)

  • Prime Requisite: Charisma
  • HD: d6
  • Experience Progression: As Clerics
  • To Hit, & Save Progression: as Elves
  • Weapons and Armor: Any
  • A Skald’s poetry can inspire those around him or even create magical effects. Skalds learn to produce the following spell-like powers at different levels of experience.
  • A skald learns one additional language for every level after first (in addition to Nodic and any languages from high intelligence).
    A bard has a chance base on level to know useful legends or lore regarding geographical regions, heroic personages, and legendary magic items. This chance is the same as a thief’s chance to pick pockets.

Skald Spell-Like Powers By Level
1st level: Bless (requires 1 turn to take affect)
2nd level: Remove Fear (requires 1 round to take affect)
3rd level: Instill Fear* (requires 1 minute to take affect)
4th level: Charm Person (requires 1 turn to take affect)
5th level: Dispel Magic (requires 1 turn to take affect)
6th level: Remove Curse (requires 1 turn to take affect)
7th level: Phantasmal Force (requires 1 turn to take affect)
8th level: Cause Fear (requires 1 minuet to take effect)
9th level: Ant-Magic Shell (requires 1 turn to take affect)
* Forces one humanoid creature per level of the Skald within earshot to make a moral roll or flee/surrender.

Thieves – Just as likely to be spies, scouts, woodsmen, and men of cunning than tomb robber or adventurous burglars. Thieves can Track as they would find/remove traps.

Half-Giants – Half-Giants stand head and shoulders above most mortals and are viewed with superstitious awe by humans. While monstrously strong, half-giants are not especially agile or clever and tend to be rude or unkempt.

  • Requirements: 13 or greater strength and constitution; 12 or less dexterity; 9 or less intelligence, and charisma
  • Prime Requisite: Strength
  • HD: d10
  • XP, To Hit, & Save Progression: as Halfling (max 8th level)
  • Weapons and Armor: Any, although armor must be refit to a half-giant and costs twice the normal amount.
  • Half-Giants must make a saving throw vs. spell after each around of combat to avoid going berserk.


  1. What about Alfar and Svartalfar? They're in the Edda too, even if given less attention than dwarves.

  2. Yeah. the Alfar and Svartalfar have me stumped a little. Svartalfar don't make great player characters, they whole aversion to light thing. I would like to see Alfar find a role in the swing of things, but they are almost like powerful humans with a different name and realm.