Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Wilderness Map

So I decided to get some new colored pencils to see if they'd show up better than the ones I used in my previous scan. Turns out, they do. This map was once again done with the article, "The Wilderness Architect" (Parts 1&2, Parts 3&4). 

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Map Key

Green = Grassland/Farmland
Dark Green = Forest
Light Brown = Hills
Dark Drown = Forest
Blue = Water
Purple = Marsh/Swamp (of which there are none)

Dot = Village
Circle = Small Town
Solid Box = Castle/Stronghold

Solid Line = Coastline
Dashed Line = Road/Trail


By the look of the map and the placement of the villages surrounding it, this estate in located somewhere on the boarderlands, with civilization to the north east and north west. A great body of water lying to the east. The "True Wilderness" area lies to the south and west. Alternatively, I would always flip the map around, but  you get the general idea.

What I'm not quite satisfied with still, and why I haven't finished stocking the villages and castle, is the method in Underworld and Wilderness Adventures for actually populating civilized regions. First, I'm imagining civilization as a relatively mundane world, so chimera and basilisk guards are a bit much, and better saved for the wilderness. It also generates NPCs a little too high level for my liking, especially for more civilized regions. So basically, I need to write some new tables that will create a world more in-tune to the concept I'm imagining.

Overall, though, I'm quite pleased with how this map turned out and the terrain generation methods of "The Wilderness Architect." Next time, I'll fill in the rest of the area and share the new tables (once I get them written). Stay tuned for more

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