Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to Let Characters Know About an Adventure Site

I have a hard time working new adventure sites into campaigns. In an upcoming game, I'm considering using several smaller adventure locations rather than just one large mega dungeon. In actuality, I'll probably end up having a megadungeon in addition to 4 or 5 other adventure locations. So what I need is a random table:

Roll a d6
1. Approached by wealthy patron to explore site (50% to find something specific)
2. Map or clue hidden in another dungeon
3. Strange Monster Activity (roll on sub table A)
4. Rumored Treasure (roll on sub table B)
5. Guild Interest (roll on sub table C)
6. Local  Legend (50% chance of being at least partially misleading)

Sub Table A

1. Grizzled Woodsman
2. City Watch Wanted Poster
3. Traveling Merchant
4. Crazy Beggar
5. Tattered Noble
6. Peasant Refugees

Sub Table B
1. Tavern Rumor
2. Religious Priest
3. Antiquity Dealer
4. Nearby Magic-User
5. Brigand/Street Gang
6. Local Song

Sub Table C
1. Mercenaries Guild
2. Thieves/Assassins Guild (50% each)
3. Magic-User's Guild
4. Religious Cult
5. Merchant's Guild
6. Grave Diggers Association

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