Thursday, September 13, 2012

AD&D Equipment Generator

When going out to play AD&D with a group of new players, there are two steps in character creation that take considerably longer than others. Those are, of course, looking ability score adjustments and explaining what they mean and choosing equipment. Here's a solution I'm looking at for the second problem.

All character receive a Backpack, Waterskin, Week’s Iron Rations, Traveler’s Clothes, Purse with 1d6 Gold Coins*, equipment suitable to the character’s class, and any one equipment pack, excluding monks, who receive only these items.

*Copper coins for monks.

Equipment by Class

Note that javelins and throwing axes come in sets of 3, darts in sets of 6. Bows and crossbows come with either 24 quarrels (crossbows) or 20 arrows (bows).

Cleric: Wooden holy symbol. Roll d6 for armor: 1-2, Padded Armor (AC 8); 3-4, Ring Mail (AC 7); 5-6, Chain Mail (AC 5). Choice of club flail, hammer, mace, or staff.

Druid: Sprig of Mistletoe. Leather armor. Choice of club, dagger, darts (6), hammer, scimitar, sling, spear, or staff.

Fighter, Paladin, Ranger: Roll d6 for armor: 1-2, Studded Leather Armor (AC 7); 3-4, Scale Mail (AC6); 5-6, Chain Mail (AC 5); choice of any two weapons or a weapon and shield.

Magic-User or Illusionist: Spell book (containing 4 spells); choice of dagger, darts (6), or staff; bag of spell components (four castings per spell)

Thief: Thieves’ picks & tools; leather armor; choice of club, dagger, darts (6), sling, or sword (long, broad, short).

Assassin: Thieves’ picks & tools; leather armor; choice of any weapon

Monk: Choice of bo stick, club, crossbow, dagger, hand axe, javelin, jo stick, pole arm, spear, or staff.

Equipment Packs

Dungeoneering Pack A: Small mallet, 12 iron spikes, 10’ Pole

Dungeoneering Pack B: 50’ rope, 6 torches, tinderbox, large sack

Explorer’s Pack: Tent, 6 torches, tinderbox, 50’ rope

Hunter’s Pack: Belt pouch, hunting dog or falcon, pint of good wine

Investigator’s Pack: 3 glass vials, small silver mirror, small sack

Lantern Kit: Hooded lantern, 6 flasks of oil, tinderbox

Mapper’s Pack: 12 sheets of parchment, quill, 3 oz. brown ink, leather map case

Minstrel’s Pack: Lute or flute or horn, fancy clothes, letter of recommendation

Rogue’s Pack: Large sack, 2 light weapons (daggers, darts, hand axes, etc.), sprig of belladonna

Vampire Hunter’s Pack: Silver dagger OR 6 silver arrows OR 3 vials of holy water, garlic bud, wolvesbane sprig

Warrior’s Pack: Additional weapon, helmet, shield


  1. I like the pack types. I'd even include that with your class equipment. Say spearman would have this equipment. Archer this. This way the newbie and select a type within the class they want to play and its all bundled together.

  2. Have you seen the OD&D version of this prepared by Brendan at the Untimately blog? It offers an excellent version based on a 3d6 roll for the basic classes.

  3. This is pretty cool. May have to swipe it.

  4. Totally swiping this for my game in the future. Last session, six players making all-new characters, took one freaking hour for everyone to buy their stuff. Sheesh. This'll fix that. Thanks!